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Who we are

Magnetic-Core Belonged to Zhongshan Kang Magnetic Electronics Co., Ltd., it is an industrial company specializing in the production of ferrite materials, integrating scientific research, production and sales.

What Magnetic-Core do

We design, manufacture, and sell magentic core with 20 years of industry experience, it has an internationally advanced automatic magnetic material testing device and advanced production line. And through close cooperation with a number of domestic research institutes and key institutions, cultivate talents, constantly update production processes, develop new products, and improve product quality. Our company has many varieties of products and complete specifications. Now it mainly produces soft magnetic ferrite anti-interference magnetic core (filter core, iron powder core) series, anti-EMI magnetic ring series.

Products are mainly used in lighting power, LED power, high-frequency power, office equipment (computer monitors, printers, copiers, digital cameras, communications equipment, power, USB) data lines and power transmission lines. Since the establishment of the company, Kang Magnetic has established a quality management system. All products have been confirmed by SGS institutions and meet the EU RoHS requirements and SONY Green Partner requirements. Product quality is our pursuit, and customer satisfaction is our aim. We provide high quality products to our customers with reasonable prices and perfect services. We look forward to working with you together! Welcome new and old customers to visit and guide

What we think

Quality is our soul, competitive price is our pursuit, choose us choose the reliable partner.